i like to move it, move it: my reel!

hello! since your path through the www brought you to my website, you might be looking for a motion design freelancer or 3d animator (or be a google bot, please rank me up then, thanks!) – just click through my portfolio below or watch my reel to have an impression of my work.

i’m a berlin based motion designer (but working internationally) for 2d & 3d-animation as well as vfx and always looking for some new opportunities and contacts.

so if you have any inquries, bad jokes or questions: don’t hesitate to contact me!




since 2009, i’m working as a motion design freelancer, mostly in berlin.

my main expertise and passion is focused on cinema4d and adobe after effects although i’m also able and like to work with modo or blender as well.

in addition to my job as motion designer, i do hard- and softwaredevelopement and have a strong interest in keeping vintage computers alive by repairing and restoring them and do that as well for a few years now.

i love to look up in the sky and i am following the field of astronomy/cosmology since i was a small kid. speaking of a small kid: since summer 2021 i’m a proud father of a daughter.

beside that, i like seinfeld and alpacas.

for any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

a few clients